Below we recommend some items that you should have:

  • Swimwear
  • Hats (For excursions: Tinajones, Cola de Pato)
  • Water shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses (for kayak excursion)
  • Dry clothes to get dressed after finishing the excursions
  • For the excursion to the Arroyo Frío canyon; grip tennis, shorts for men, long lycra and short jean for women, polo shirt, enter without equipment or objects that can be damaged by water or clothing that can be lost (earrings, rings, cell phones, glasses… )


  • Before going on extreme excursions, it is recommended to walk 20 minutes a day and climb hills or stairs if you are over your normal weight and do not exercise regularly.
  • Note: It is not recommended to do extreme excursions if you have suffered a recent injury, if you suffer from hypertension, if you are pregnant.