Why Jamao Eco Tours?

We are a community project that protects our environment and at the same time looks for alternatives so that others can enjoy it in a sustainable way.


We care that you take the best memory of our town


We care that in being able to meet your expectations


We recognize the importance of time and your satisfaction


We have all the equipment to take care of your safety

JAMAO AL NORTE, Espaillat?


Easy and paved access from anywhere


We keep in constant improvement

Know Our Excursions

Senderismo in Tinajones

For those who prefer to train first.
good physical condition
3 hours

Senderismo Las Caobas

Interpret nature with the five senses in a journey that immerses you in the sound, smell, sight, touch and taste
good physical condition
4 hours

Kayaking in Jamao

Rapids you can enjoy with your whole family šŸ¤©
good physical condition
3 hours

Duck Tail Canyoning

A challenge under control for those who seek to challenge themselves as a hiker over waterfalls and fresh turquoise water.
good physical condition
5 hours

Canyoning Arroyo FrĆ­o

Travel 3.5 kilometers in 18 waterfalls and more than 60 jumps in transparent waters of a virgin canyon, integrated into
good physical condition
6 hours

Rappel Magic Mushroom

A shocking adventure in every way. Descend 20 meters to Rapel on a masterful structure formed by the current sources
good physical condition
4 hours

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Before leaving!

Below we recommend some items that you should have: Swimwear Hats (For excursions: Tinajones, Cola de Pato) Water shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses (for kayak excursion) Dry
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